Marine Engine Oils

About Eterna

We manufacture, market and distribute lubricants and chemicals; trade in crude and operate a network of filling stations. Our plan is to further expand into the midstream and upstream of the energy sector.

We will actively play across the energy value chain covering production, transportation and distribution of energy solutions vital for economic growth and development. We will be the first choice for our customers as we seek to dominate the African energy industry by strategically expanding our operations and growing market share.

Engine Oils

Edge 5W-40 (4L)

₦ 22,372 ₦ 23,372

Magnatec 10W-40 (4L)

₦ 14,261 ₦ 15,261

GTX Essential 20W-50 (1L)

₦ 2,234 ₦ 3,234

Magnatec 10W-40 1L

₦ 3,654 ₦ 4,654