Frequently Asked Questions

Lubricants are essential for any part requiring lubrication. Lubricants are used to reduce friction between moving parts or to reduce the resistance from fixed parts. They are produced by refining crude oil. Improves engine efficiency by reducing friction, protects against wear and prolongs life, keeps the engine clean and cools the parts.

Keeping engine components clean is essential as it keeps them in good condition. If your engine components are dirty, the oil may not be lubricating and protecting the engine properly. Dirt build-up can also lead to premature engine damage. Castrol and Eterna brand of engine oils are designed to clean and protect engines for improved performance.

Oil is the lifeblood of your car. If the wrong kind is used, the engine is at risk of increased wear and corrosion. Formation of blockages can also lead to engine seizure. By putting Castrol or Eterna oil in the engine, you can carry on motoring with confidence and experience the feeling that your car has just been serviced.

You should change your oil and filter at or before the end of oil-change intervals indicated by your vehicle manufacturer. These are based on distance travelled or time. Regular oil changing helps to keep your engine oil in good condition and provide the best protection for all your engine components.

Our lubricants increase engine life and promote fuel economy by reducing friction between moving parts which contribute to better engine performance

If you simply keep on topping up your oil, you put more stress on the older oil that remains in the engine. And this stress issue has become worse in recent years as lighter, modern engines now run with about 25% less oil in their sumps. Our oil has a powerful ability to clean up your engine components and goes on keeping engines clean through to the next oil change.

The “viscosity” of a lubricant refers to its ability to resist flow. There are two cases, either the viscosity is high, or it is low: the lower the viscosity (0W/5W), the more friction is reduced, providing energy savings. Conversely, high viscosity will create a thick film between moving parts for maximum engine protection.

It is strongly advised that you refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your equipment or your car in the maintenance book. For further clarification, you can speak to our agent.